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    • 10/10/2012

      You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania was sent out to be mastered and pressed. Let's enjoy some lemonade. Photobucket
    • 08/20/2012

      A month away. Photobucket
    • 08/20/2012

      Ray was recently interviewed by Damned By Light.com . Here's the link http://www.damned-by-light.com/articles/092.html
    • 07/28/2012

      Today we record for our 1st Full-Length entitled, You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania.
    • 05/23/2012

      We are playing tomorrow in Philly, get out there. info. http://www.facebook.com/events/453718097976697/
    • 05/06/2012

      Here's a live track due out on our upcoming LP. Enjoy.
    • 04/26/2012

      Our new 7" is on our BigCartel page. Grab It. http://tile.bigcartel.com/ recordstoreday
    • 04/10/2012

      Please vist, http://tile.bigcartel.com if you are still looking for our 7" put out on Kult of Nihilow Records. We still have some copies left.
    • 03/26/2012

      Sorry, but we are sold out of every single release. If you need your fix please contact Limited Appeal Records, Kult of Nihilow Records, and Burning Hell Records. COMING SOON: new shirt design Record Store Day 7" Our first Full-Length record a couple of other things still being worked out and MORE SHOWS. spread the word.
    • 02/20/2012

      Saturday Feb 25th @ King Koffee in Emmaus, PA. w/prostheic head. 5dollar donation to benefit The Emmaus Skate Park.

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