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    • 07/25/2013

      Check out the shows section!!!
    • 06/10/2013

      You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania is now up for download @ http://tilenoise.bandcamp.com/ Please visit http://limitedappealrecords.com/ to order the 180gram LP.
    • 05/14/2013

      GET YOUR GRUBBY MITTS ON THESE JUNE 7TH! On Black or Orange wax.
    • 05/08/2013

    • 05/02/2013

      Our RECORD RELEASE SHOW will be on June 7th, in Bethlehem, PA. More details in the show section, and flyer will be coming soon. Hope to see you there.
    • 04/03/2013

      "You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania" LP UPDATE: Limited Appeal Records is shooting for a May release for the album, and it will be pressed on 180gram.
    • 03/25/2013

      Some pics from the radio show posted!
    • 03/04/2013

    • 03/03/2013

      On March 15th we will be playing a live set on 90.3FM WXLV. You will be able to stream it where ever you are. Please click here and get the details.
    • 02/26/2013

      Here's the live video for Snake Women, at Siren Records. Snake Woman will be on the new LP.

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