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    • 08/15/2007

      Ok, So Clockcleaner dropped off the show on the 17th. In Turn, the show was Cancelled. But Good News! Show will be held on the 22nd of Aug. Clockcleaner is still off the list but Margret Thrasher jumped on the Bill. Hope to see you there. Once again i you need directions please feel free to contact us. Also, A Big thanks to everyone who came out and partied @ Muscle Beach's First Show. All of the bands Sounded Great and everything ran pretty smooth. I think there is a good chance more shows will happen there.
    • 08/03/2007

      Aug 10th will be our Renter's Show! We have a new space and plan to start it up with a show that involves all the bands that rent the space. It will be tile, the pocket gallows, GSGA, and Ruined. It's a pretty sweet blend of music and we hope to see a lot of you come out and party at the new space. Show will be all Ages, and starts at 9:30. IMPORTANT! we will not be listing the space address SOOO... you must contact us(recycletile@gmail.com) so we can give you directions. Thanks,
    • 08/02/2007

      We're kicking off a website, it is still in development so be patient. We have a show coming up on the 15th of June at Johnny Brenda's in philly, so go check us out. It's going to be a fucking rad show. Check out the shows section and click directions if you don't know where it is. So check back here often as we are trying to get out stupid developer to finish the site. See you all at the show
    • 08/02/2007

      We just recently released a cassette of five new songs unofficially titled "Adult Video Cassette". This recording came out great thanks to our good friend Jared. You Can buy them at our shows or simply write to our site and we will send you one. Tapes are being sold for 4 dollars at shows, and 5 Dollars through the mail. Sloth/Tile 7" split still available for $5. Also, we are in the works of playing some more shows, Their will be a Allentown show soon w/ Pissed Jeans, and Philly's own Clockcleaner. This Show will be all ages for all the people that couldn't go to the 21+ show in Philly. Also, we are working out show dates for a Sloth show in Allentown and Ohio. Hopefully, we will set a date in Pittsburgh too. Well, Check back soon for more updates, pics, and show dates.

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