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    • 06/17/2009

      We'll be in York,PA this Friday @ THE DEPOT. Also, we have more tracks posted up in the Music section.
    • 05/23/2009

      Been working on new songs.
    • 04/27/2009

      "WELCOME TO DITCHYOURFRIENDSVILLE" IS OUT NOW. GRAB YOUR COPY! contact us ...or go to limited appeal records and order it. thanks.
    • 04/06/2009

      The Record Release Show date has been set. Saturday the 18th of April 2009. with Literature, Middle America, I sing the Equator, Footnotes @ the Secret Art Space, southside bethlehem call for directions 484-634-6753 pick up a record, and destroy!
    • 03/31/2009

      The New One Sided 12" will be ready in a couple of weeks. check out Limited Appeal Records for more updates. As of right now we are getting ready to set up a release show for early next month! we'll let you know more in the weeks to come.
    • 02/24/2009

      Okay, I think all of the webpage bugs are killed and i can get on with updating you people more and more. Here you go. Updated Music!!! I uploaded some more music for you guys. Some Past released stuff as well as a new track from the one-sided 12" Limited Appeal release. It's Coming Soon! As far as i know, the test presses are in the works and will be sent to us A.S.A.P From there it shouldn't be long till you can pick one up.
    • 01/20/2009

      The New and Improved Site is Launched!!! After months and months of getting this crap in order it's finally done. Overall look of the site didn't change much but we added a couple of new features, and now WE HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE SITE! So, expect new updates every week. Also, we got two shows coming up. 01-21-09 Wednesday---@ The Kyhber, Philadelphia, PA w/secret cutter, blowupnihilist, and the abominable iron sloth 01-31-09 Saturday-----@the Ice House, Bethlehem, PA w/ the disconnect. This will be hosted by Homebase Skate Shop and also is their Video Premiere. for more info on this go to www.homebase610.com Come out for both of these and get pissed! In the next couple of months expect to see the newest release from tile. It will be on Limited Appeal Records and, it's sure to knock out your teeth. .
    • 08/06/2008

      well, we have the 2nd edition of the newest release available again. 2nd edition (limited to 30)is a 3 song cassete available for 3 bucks plus shipping. contact us if interested. after this 2nd edition, they will not be re-pressed. we will also have in the next week or so , the final version of the 7'' on limited appeal that was released in february. get them thru us or limited appeal. the one sided lp will be once again be put to the test sometime this month in getting done. we have a load of new material , so getting it done will be up to the machine again.
    • 07/08/2008

      the newest tape( self title) we released is sold out but a second press is coming together as we speak. a slight modification to establish the first press and second. the first batch was of 30 and hopefully the same for the second. we attempted at re-recording the one sided LP for Limited Appeal records this past sunday and our favorite studio guy had some problems with his gear and we only did 3 songs all the way thru without vocals and have 3 to 4 to still record. the wait will be worth it for sure. also been writing new material for some releases. either put out by us or someone else. and on some sick shit, ken from limited appeal told us that after the 3rd mastering, that the 7'' may be coming out finally. since there are only 96 of the rejected ones, hopefully we won't be seeing anyone give there first born for a copy . be cool and purchase a photo book from me on my blogspot. www.brokenamerican.blogspot.com all the photos are done with a polaroid camera and deal with underground bands( noise and punk), bums, skate spots and people you see on a daily basis. limited to 250 copies . gracias!
    • 05/07/2008

      Last Week... tile recorded for the One Sided LP to be released on Limited Appeal Records. It was a Long Night but, it's a small price to pay to get a record that's "gonna put you in a coma" as my friend put it. Along with those tracks tile also recorded a track for a Comp. Cassette to be released in April. The Cassette will feature only bleak and fucked trash rock / noise / hardcore / thrash / scum bands of the raw, violent, aggressive style shit. We will give you more info about this in the coming weeks. Next Week we will be Finishing up the recording(adding vocals, re-doing a track) and Jared and Chris will be mixing/mastering soon to follow. Hopefully by the end of next week the site will be re-amped. New Pics, Songs, a release section, and other shit. As of right now, no shows are set but we're looking to get some out-of-the-area week-end shows thru the summer. till then...Get Pissed!

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