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    • 01/09/2010

      The "releases" section is now up and i will be setting up the pay-pal option soon.
    • 12/21/2009

      The new tile material was sent out to Finland a week ago!
    • 11/30/2009

      Recording to be sent out in a week, to Finland. Details to come.
    • 11/19/2009

      Vocals for the new 7 " will been finished tomorrow. Soon after that the recording will be sent out and pressed. In one word i would describe the new tracks as "PISSED".
    • 11/01/2009

      tile will start recording tomorrow for the new 7"that will be released on Kult of Nihilow Records.
    • 10/09/2009

      A new tile 7" inch release is in the works... details to follow.
    • 10/03/2009

      Zombie Prom w/tile at a pizza shop in bethlehem Oct 24th. be there. Check show section for more details soon.
    • 08/26/2009

      just got a recording of a set of ours from a year or two ago. might be posting up a song, once i know how to cut the track up.
    • 07/29/2009

      working on new material. new shirt in the works. working to get some weekend shows.
    • 07/11/2009

      We will be playing a show on July 21st with Bloody Panda!(beautiful funeral Doom from NY) in Bethlehem,PA. Be there. Fashionable Activism has posted a review of our Adult Video Cassette. here it is. in a nut shell. I bought this Cassette at the Fresh Meat/Middle America show a few weeks ago after it was recommended to me by one of them. Tile play perverted and heinous noise rock. Self discribed "Allentown, Pennsylvania sleezy, sludge, punk rock, noise band." For fans of Brainbombs, Flipper, Drunks With Guns or contemporaries Drunkdriver, Clockcleaner, etc. Tile has the singer of Fresh Meat/Carpenter Ant playing bass and vocals. also someone left a comment that read. someone who has been in pissed jeans is in this band(tile). That's news to us. Interesting.

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