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    • 08/26/2010

      Just finished vocals for the new 7" tracks. We will doing the Final Mix Early next week.
    • 07/16/2010

      Recording for a New 7" July 25th Playing Live for the first time in a while August 7th details will follow.
    • 05/31/2010

      First tile show with Tim on Drums, Happening Aug 7th in Bethlehem! Details to follow soon
    • 05/16/2010

      New tile 7" in the works.
    • 04/26/2010

      Our new Drummer Tim seems to be working out great. We expect to play more out-of-town shows in the near future.
    • 04/20/2010

      Tile on Myspace for the first time! check it out and support! www.myspace.com/tilenoise
    • 04/09/2010

      Good News. NEW tile DRUMMER FOUND. Ex-drummer from Pissed Jeans, Ultimate Warriors, and The Gate Crashers! We're all really siked for the new lineup and the things to come.
    • 04/07/2010

      With the arrival of our new 7"... Sadly, we also had a departure of our drummer. Chris decided that his heart wasn't with our band anymore. Chris has decided to concentrate on new projects. We are a little disappointed, but we still want to move forward with tile. This week we will try out a new drummer and see how it goes.
    • 03/16/2010

      The new tile 7" is here. taking orders now.
    • 03/10/2010

      The new 7" is on its way and shoudl be in our hands very soon!!! we'll let you know when they get here.

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