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    • 05/20/2019

      We got a little five day run happening soon.  

    • 04/30/2019

      Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

      May 5th we will be recording material for the Corpse Flower Records to be released later this year.  A week after that we will be doing two shows in Philadelphia, and Emmaus, PA. In early June we will be doing a short 5 day tour(details to come, soon) .  

      We are really excited about getting back on the road as well as releasing some new material. 

    • 04/30/2019

    • 03/17/2019

      The setlist is confirmed for the new release on Corpse Flower Records, and we will be in the studio the first week in May to record it. 

    • 02/13/2019

      Greetings, 2018 was a pretty eventful year for us, releasing our second full length, and going on our first official tour.  The support for the record has been awesome, and it was nice to meet and talk with people that really dug what we did. 

      Currently this winter we have been working on new material, so be on the look out for a release later this year coming from Corpse Flower Records! Also, we are scheduling  a small batch of tour dates in early june.  Details to be announced on a later date. 

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    • Come On Home, Stranger


      Our 2nd LP release 

      On Limited Appeal Records 


      Our first Full-Lenght. released by Limited Appeal Records SOLD OUT

    • Record Store Day 7"

      Self-Released 7"

      Friend Stealer

      released 04/21/12

    • Burning Hell Records 7"

      Calculated Agenda


      Tobacco Spiders

      This 7" is 1/4 of a box set, released by Burning Hell Records

    • Poseidon/Prick of Misery 7"

      Released 2010
      On Kult Of Nihilow Records (Finland)