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    • 05/09/2018

      "the power" shirts now available in the big cartel shop, grab them before they sell out! 

    • 04/12/2018

    • 02/17/2018

    • 01/04/2018

      HEY EVERYONE! It's 2018, and we are already off to a good start. Our Sophomore album, titled "Come On Home, Stranger" will be released in the summer. We've been working hard the past couple of months, and the ball is really turning. We recorded, and we are currently putting the finishing touches on it. We have more exciting things in the works and will be announced frequently. Check back here, or visit our new Instagram page for more insights. CHEERS.
    • 06/17/2017

      JOIN THE BBQ! Our friends The Cloth are doing a mini tour soon, and we will be joining the solid lineup on July 9th, in Philadelphia. Check the shows section and get more details.
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      April 27, 2018, 8 p.m. @ Doom Saloon - Philadelphia, PA

      w/ Body Spray,  Slophouse, and Hover

      July 9, 2017, 8 p.m. @ Dudes of Hazzard - Kensington, Phildelphia, PA
      Matinee BBQ SHOW , w/ The Cloth, Cemetery Flowers, and Body Spray
      April 2, 2017, 11 p.m. @ Good Weekend - Allentown, PA
      w/ Doomsday Student, Sensitive Hearts, and Computer Blood
      Sept. 30, 2016, 11 p.m. @ Don Pedro - Brooklyn, NY
      90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206 w/Dutchguts, Tombstom
      Sept. 23, 2016, 11 p.m. @ Good Weekend - Allentown, PA
      w/ Legendary Divorce, Cemetery Flowers, Hell to Pay, The Drowned God.
  • Releases


      Our first Full-Lenght. released by Limited Appeal Records SOLD OUT

    • Record Store Day 7"

      Self-Released 7"

      Friend Stealer

      released 04/21/12

    • Burning Hell Records 7"

      Calculated Agenda


      Tobacco Spiders

      This 7" is 1/4 of a box set, released by Burning Hell Records

    • Poseidon/Prick of Misery 7"

      Released 2010
      On Kult Of Nihilow Records (Finland)

    • Welcome to Ditchyourfriendsville

      Released on April, 2009 by Limited Appeal Records.

      Edition of 205 of which 60 of the records are on colored vinyl: One-sided record with an etched b-side. The record centers are hand stamped. Record jackets are hand numbered and assembled. A random number of records were sold with a spray painted gold CD of an additional song called 'Free Pizza, Free Haircuts' This version was only available at the record release show, and somewhere around 30 were made.

      A Limited set of liner notes were made for this release. A set of 50 'Handmade' envelopes were made containing 3 live photos with songs lyrics on back of each one.